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Hargis Farms Santa Gertrudis is located in Hemphill, Texas on the shores of Toledo Bend.  It was founded in the Spring of 1983 with the purchase of San Jose Cattle Company bull 55/0.  Following the purchase of the bull two years later we purchased four cows from San Jose.  These initial purchases built the foundation herd.  The next generational step occurred with the 1991 purchase of Briggs Ranches 528/90 and Five Oaks 71/0 bulls.  In 1992 the herd was split into two families:  Briggs and Five Oaks.  In 1993 we started raising all replacement heifers from within the herd.  This practice continues today.  Ninety-eight percent of all females in our herd today are Hargis bred.

All replacement bulls and heifers are placed in a performance environment by 10 months of age and held there until they are 15 months of age.  At this time the selection process keeps the best.

Our bull and cow herds are always in their performance clothes.  They have to produce a calf every year and their offspring have to perform or they are not kept in the herds.  They are out there to do a job and do it well.  

Animals are performance driven.  Only bulls that have 5.0 ADG or higher in gain test facilities are purchased as young herd sires.  The goal is to have bulls and heifers that will grow and perform in the varied environments of Texas cow country.

Hargis Farms Santa Gertrudis is not a big place.  Just a place we like to think has good animals and a place where we strive to be better and better at what we are trying to do.

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